Holiday in Kefalonia – first days

​Sunday 21/05 and Monday 22/05
This is the first of a hopefully long series of posts regarding my experience in Kefalonia.

I had this place in mind for the last few weeks as my dear goddaughter and her family visited a couple of years ago and strongly recommended it. 

I will aim to report the journey the way I see it through my eyers, but also (and mostly) the way I see it through my camera.

A brief background 

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionic Islands, measuring about 773 sq km (303.7 sq mi) and counting 36,000 people. Some suggests that Kefalonia was the actual omeric Ithaka in the Odissey (lucky me!), rather than the smaller nearby island who took the name today. Whether this is true or not, Kefalonia has a certainly interesting historical background, with archeological finds dating back to 40,000 BC, and I look forward to know more of it

First days
I have arrived on Sunday at lunch time and I rented a flat in Lassi, a very touristic part of the island.

I was greeted by Pim and Maria, a dutch couple who is staying in the flat attached to mine and who are close friends with the owner (Eleni). They made sure everything was ok and suggested me the small tavern nearby to get some refreshments (yum, and that was good!) or a splash in the pool if I needed one.

I didn’t know that Kefalonia offers the so called “pool bars” (see picture below). They are exactly what the name suggests and they offer usage of sunbeds to anyone, for free. So that was already a first good surprise.

I spent these first two days familiarising myself with the local area, beach and food. It turned out to be already a rather pleasant experience, especially from the scenery perspective. 

Also, suffice to say that food is superb and home made. Wherever you go, you won’t get disappointed and its cheap too. 
E.g. 15£ for a starter+main meal+water.

Just at a short walking distance from the flat there is a small sandy beach with crystal clear water, facing the Lixouri peninsula. I spent my afternoon there and as the evening approached, large clouds in the sky gave a dramatic touch to an already breathtaking sunset. So I took my camera and captured the view in front of me, hoping to have given enough justice to it.

People seem to be nice, relaxed and rather welcoming too. Eleni, shortly after meeting me, fed me with two slices of home made cake!!

On the second day, as I walked through the small and picturesque streets of Lassi I found various messages attached to lampposts suggesting the best local spots and maps for any visitor to take and use.  A rather welcoming thought, I would say. 

Overall, very good first impression. I feel I am gonna have a good time.


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