Holiday in Kefalonia – last day

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Jeez this is it. I loved this place. I heard loads of good things before coming here and I have to confirm them all.

These last days have been a bit introspective and I didn’t do much but enjoying my time around the island (and get a new phone as the one I got broke down….).

I find always fascinating how water has a liberating effect on my soul. It’s definitely my element and every time I enter the sea it feels like leaving the world behind, and getting inspiration for future projects (any, work, travel, buy a house…any!).

People, location, weather, culture, food. Everything is good and I felt home, very welcome and safe all the time. I could have easily left my door open and go for a swim without problems. I am not a great speaker, let alone a great blogger, but words cannot describe the entire experience anyways. I hope my pictures will speak enough for me though.

I was bit sad to leave of course, but I am glad I had this opportunity and I also managed to visit Ithaca as well, right yesterday. 

Looking forward to the next adventure and who knows? I might come back here again.

And you? What places have you visited and loved the most? What does fascinate you most when you visit a place you have never seen before?


Lassi – One of the many swims by the flat where I was staying

Local shop in Lassi

Local shop in Lassi

Lassi – chicken and cranberry salad + hummous


Greek meal in Argostoli – beef in a pot

Sami harbour

On the way to Ithaca

Ithaca – Harbour

Ulysses’ statue in Stavros

Ithaca – Map of Ulysses’ odyssey in Stavros village

Reconstruction of Ulysses’ palace

Ithaca – Stavros Village

Ithaca – Stavros village

Ithaca – Stavros village

Ithaca – Detail of a door in Vathi

Ithaca – Monastery

Ithaca – Monastery, kind of a selfie 🙂

Ithaca – selfie with view over the capital town Vathi

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – Local shop in Kiani

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – panoramic view from the bus

Ithaca – panoramic view of the capital town Vathi

Ithaca – more views
My table at Vathi
Why not to try some fresh fish?

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