Christmas in Ustica, Italy – 2017

A series of pictures taken during my recent visit home. 


Inner child

You might wonder what do my headphones have to do with the title of this post. Well, not much really (aside from making me feel a kid again of course) but they are likely the reason why a lady just greeted me on the street a few minutes ago. She had some headphones too and obviously this thing in common triggered something. 

How many times did you go for a jog, cycle or just walked your dog and met some people on the street doing the same as you? 

What were your first thoughts and what did you do? 

Isn’t it funny to see how we are so “educated” by society in living in our comfort zone, often reducing interactions with a stranger to minimum? Then we see we have something in common and instantly feel a tiny bit more comfortable or even safer and are more prone to make a first step.

What would we have done if we have never knew what we know today, and would see the world from the eyes the child we once were?

What is this all indifference we learn to masterise about?

Honestly, don’t you believe sometimes it would be good to drop the mask and take a breath of fresh air? 

Think about it people, think about it 😉


Some of my best pictures

Dear bloggers,

I can’t be tired enough to share my passion for photography, so here is a selection of some of my best pictures. I work as an engineer 9-5 and my tasks are very technical, but my crave for creativity is never asleep and I find photography to be not only a great way to express myself, but also to give voice to my own visions.

Do you feel the same? What is your mean to express your own creativity? How do you reach out to people? What motivates you?




Holiday in Kefalonia – last day

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Jeez this is it. I loved this place. I heard loads of good things before coming here and I have to confirm them all.

These last days have been a bit introspective and I didn’t do much but enjoying my time around the island (and get a new phone as the one I got broke down….).

I find always fascinating how water has a liberating effect on my soul. It’s definitely my element and every time I enter the sea it feels like leaving the world behind, and getting inspiration for future projects (any, work, travel, buy a house…any!).

People, location, weather, culture, food. Everything is good and I felt home, very welcome and safe all the time. I could have easily left my door open and go for a swim without problems. I am not a great speaker, let alone a great blogger, but words cannot describe the entire experience anyways. I hope my pictures will speak enough for me though.

I was bit sad to leave of course, but I am glad I had this opportunity and I also managed to visit Ithaca as well, right yesterday. 

Looking forward to the next adventure and who knows? I might come back here again.

And you? What places have you visited and loved the most? What does fascinate you most when you visit a place you have never seen before?


Lassi – One of the many swims by the flat where I was staying

Local shop in Lassi

Local shop in Lassi

Lassi – chicken and cranberry salad + hummous


Greek meal in Argostoli – beef in a pot

Sami harbour

On the way to Ithaca

Ithaca – Harbour

Ulysses’ statue in Stavros

Ithaca – Map of Ulysses’ odyssey in Stavros village

Reconstruction of Ulysses’ palace

Ithaca – Stavros Village

Ithaca – Stavros village

Ithaca – Stavros village

Ithaca – Detail of a door in Vathi

Ithaca – Monastery

Ithaca – Monastery, kind of a selfie 🙂

Ithaca – selfie with view over the capital town Vathi

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – Local shop in Kiani

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – Kiani

Ithaca – panoramic view from the bus

Ithaca – panoramic view of the capital town Vathi

Ithaca – more views
My table at Vathi
Why not to try some fresh fish?